Straight to the point

It’s been about two years since I last had a site up for personal and professional use and a lot has changed in those two years as developer.

I am now working full time as a wordpress developer. What this means is I am always working, learning and improving my skills in this system and community, day in and day out.

If anyone may remember my old site, I had a handful of Firefox OS flashing and un-bricking guides for the Keon and Peak phones. I still have these around but with the demise of Firefox OS I doubt I’ll be picking up and writing another tutorial on how to flash B2G OS (the successor/continuation ) to these devices.  But we’ll see. Sometimes one likes to tinker with the OS we needed but didn’t deserve.

So what’s all this then? Why make a new site?

Well, I make sites, and I ramble (case and point). And over the past two years or so I have improved as a developer by 10x. While I don’t believe I’ll ever shake that feeling of Imposter Syndrome, I do believe that I have tips, tricks and rants to share about what I have discovered within WordPress, and within the land of PHP.  The good, the bad and the why in the name of Cthulhu, is whatever function/method handling the way it is.

In short, I’ve built about three dozen live sites since I finished college, I’ve seen somethings from hacked sites which needed careful rebuilding to utter nightmares but I also love every moment of it cause it’s challenge. I want to share those experiences, write up tutorials in relation to best practices you won’t find else where and open the floor to discussions on the quirky parts of programming I find along the way.

The point of this site, is for rambles and advice and to even learn from those who might read.

It’s possibly worth mentioning that my goal for the year head and on-wards is to uplift my skills in other areas outside of the WordPress codex world. Starting with Javascript, I am dedicating more time to vanilla JS, understanding jQuery qwirks and building a WordPress Theme with React for this site. As you can see, using 2015 at the moment. It does what I need.

Finally,  my pet project is learning a completely new language, in this case that is Swift. But not before understanding the core mechanics of Objective-C. The end goal here is not just to write iOS/macOS applications but to have a greater understanding of a new language. Something completely outside of Web Development.

Anyway, that pretty much covers it. I wrote more than expected, but hey, thats why I’m tagging this under rambles.